Askam United 2 - 1 Walney Island

Match Report By: Askam United

Team Performance Rating: 3 - Good

Man of The Match: Chris Platt

Mare of The Match: Not Submitted

Askam United 2-1 Walney Island

The long wait for the season to begain was finnaly over as Askam entertained Walney at Duddon road for the 1st game of this West Lancashire division 2 season.

Both side's were feilding a very young line up with askam united only having 2 of there starting 11 over the age of 20. The game started at a very high pase and tackles seemed to be flying in all over the pitch. The vice captain Platt looking dominant in the center of midfeild.

The opening chance of the game came with only 5 minuites on the watch as Mclean and Treen linked up well with the youngster Treen fireing a low and testing cross for the Walney Defense to deal with. The ball bounced back to the feel of Jordan Rayner who smashed the ball in from 10 yards to fire Askam into an early lead. A good start for Askam United.

The goal seemed to calm the game down a little s not many chances were made with both defenses looking stong. Skipper Ian Grandison also having a good start to the new season accoptneed with 17 year old Danny West.

Askam's main threat was coming up the right hand side with Fawcett and treen linking well but there seemed to be lacking an end product at times. The next real chance of the game was when Jefferson and C.Rayner linked well only for Jefferson to be brought down on the edge off the area. This resulted in a dangerous free kick and also a yellow card for the Walney center half. C.Rayner took a quick free kick which was well saved only for it to be re-taken by the referee. The second attempt left the keeper hopeless only to miss the target by a few inches. The clost any side had come to another goal.

Walney then gopt into the game with a good break down the right ending up with a neat turn and effort by the Walney Captain only for Dempsey to see the effort go wide.

The referee blew for half time with neither side looking to have run away with the game, but Askam's slight advantage seems a fair result at the turning point.

The second half begain as the first did with tackles flying in and the ball being hurled around the feild. Walney started brightly causing the Askam defense problems. But it was far from a thrilling goal that brought the visitors back on level terms. A needlees free kick was given away up feild by the askam youngsters and walney sent there tall, towering center halfs up feild. The ball was pumped forward deluding everyone exept Walneys Peter Rimmer who took his goal weel. A slight missjudgement From West leaving his goal keeper helpless semmed to be his 1st mistake of the game.

From this moment on Wlalney took a hold of the game as Askam begain to rush and panic on the ball. Only two Magnificent stops from Askam's keeper Dempsey kept the score at level terms. Askam had 2 players booked in 15 minuites which signaled panic stations. (West, Mclean) but as tiime wor on the gaame leveled itself out.

With only minuites remaining Askam got the upper hand with dougherty coming on for treen and imediatly making an impact. He broke through and missed what seemed to be a crucial miss.

A moment of magic by C.Rayner as he cut inside and stuck the ball form 20 yards only to see the ball bounce back off the bar to Walneys Releif. Then the game Turned as Kris Mclean thought he would try his look from range coming in from left back and realeasing a great effort which had thekeeper beatn but the angle denied his effort. The ball deflected down as the Walney players stood and watched the nall fall to Jefferson who tapped in from close range to take all 3 points in the late stages of the match. Apart from a couple of corners Walney had no answer to late goal and Askam United took all 3 points in this close encounter.

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